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Michael K.

Not only did Penfield teach me how to live sober, it taught me how to have a real relationship with God. I’ll never be able to thank Penfield enough for what they have done in my life. the staff is out of this world. They are all true servants of the Lord.

Andrea L.

Penfield has given me a fresh start with the knowledge and tools needed for a life of recovery. It’s a lifetime of hard work and determination, but knowing that I need to keep my priorities in order-all things will fall in line…Remember, keep God first, Recovery second, Self next and then Family.

Matt H.

Penfield saved my life. Their form of therapy did more for me than any recovery center I have been in. They show tough love and real love which I believe is what an alcoholic or any form of addict needs to recover truly. It’s a daily battle, but it’s so much better than the way my life was before they gave me the tools to cope with real life. The six weeks is a very short time to make the rest of your life free from drugs or alcohol. In my opinion. Thank you to the whole staff, especially Bill and Ford. I love all of the staff.

Tracy K.

Penfield saved my son’s life. He just told me yesterday that he fit in and felt comfortable in surroundings that he never thought that he would. (Meetings, church, sober living )
He has made great progress since being home. Accomplished things that he has tried to do for years. One day at a time!
Thank you, Penfield, for giving our family back. Thank God for leading us to Penfield.

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